Launch (v.): To propel with force; to set into motion; to initiate; to begin a new venture; to embark; to enter enthusiastically into something; to plunge.

Looking for a new Bible study curriculum? Begin a new venture with Life Bible Study! Launch is a yearly study that will encourage your members to plunge into Scripture to strengthen their faith. Shaped into succinct modules, Launch will lead you through carefully chosen studies intended to deepen your relationship with God while enhancing your faith journey. Launch provides streamlined lesson plans that equip your teachers to lead comprehensive Bible lessons that are biblically based, theologically grounded, and learner focused.

Your Subscription includes 52 lessons and pricing is based on your average attendance group size.

Materials Include:

  • Jesus’ Last Week in Jerusalem: A Study of the Passion Week (Includes Easter)
  • Living in Faith: A Study of James
  • Heroes of the Old Testament
  • Studying Jesus’ Parables
  • The Teachings of Solomon
  • Advent

Adult Printable Sample Lesson

Printable Into Faith Lesson Overview

Printable Into The Word Lesson Overview