Life Bible Study Studies are designed to lead adults through in-depth, life-changing Bible study. We provide biblical commentary, teacher helps, and teaching plans to guide learners into Bible studies.

Transformed E-Book


Through Christ, you become new. Transformed gives you the opportunity to delve into the character of Christ and to examine how you are Transformed into a new identity in Him. Allow this study to help you focus on your identity in Christ and how He...

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Tri:Unity - 31 Verses


Tri:Unity God–Father, Son, and Spirit Do you understand the different roles the three Persons of the Trinity fill in your life? Within the Bible, the Trinity is revealed––with all knowledge and all power, ever present in our lives, and...

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Uncommon Bible Study Guide


We are all called to follow God’s plan for our lives. But what happens when He calls and it doesn’t make sense? What are we supposed to do when our plans get in the way of God’s, or vice versa? Uncommon: Compelled by God’s Call is...

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Yahweh Bible Study Guide


Real, applicable life lessons and explorations into God’s Word that will make discovering all of God’s promises a reality. This 48-week Bible study sets the mood and tone for God’s one-on-one, rational style with all the heroes of the...

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Discover opportunities for you and your church to care for orphans in very creative and practical ways. Orphanology is a practical response to God’s command to care for the fatherless told through the stories of families and ministries who are...

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