Life Courses

Some people love variety and enjoy having the ability to choose “what’s next” – sometimes even before “what’s now” is complete. That’s just one of many reasons why these 4-6-week studies were created. These are ideal for groups who want to go on specific, in-depth journeys through God’s Word. They are great for traditional Bible Studies or teaching in a home or coffee shop!

LifeCourses have students in mind:

  • Options to choose between 4-6 week studies
  • Study guides for deeper personal study
  • Creatively developed lessons
  • Biblically-based lessons that teach essential Truth

LifeCourses have teachers in mind:

  • Continuous access to everything in one place: the web
  • Teaching tools at your fingertips such as lesson overviews, commentary, creative teaching plans, discussion questions, and much more.

Each Life Course purchase incudes 3 months access to the commentary and teaching plans.

The Darkest Hours Bible Study Guide


How do we fit into God's master plan? Sometimes, our day-to-day can seem downright terrible. Sure, there are a lot of happy times in life, but there’s also a lot of bad. The Darkest Hours: Seeking God in Desperation reveals how God is present in...

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Transformed E-Book


Through Christ, you become new. Transformed gives you the opportunity to delve into the character of Christ and to examine how you are Transformed into a new identity in Him. Allow this study to help you focus on your identity in Christ and how He...

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Uncommon Bible Study Guide


We are all called to follow God’s plan for our lives. But what happens when He calls and it doesn’t make sense? What are we supposed to do when our plans get in the way of God’s, or vice versa? Uncommon: Compelled by God’s Call is...

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