Free Around the World

Life Bible Study -  Free Around the World Program

As part of our commitment to help people know Christ and be transformed into His image, we’re making Treasuring Christ resources available for FREE to ministry leaders serving with international missions organizations and new church plants.* We realize there are many growing communities of believers all over this planet who could really use the Bible study curriculum and other helpful resources, but feel like it’s out of reach financially. At Life Bible Study, we want to help. Our goal is to provide downloadable Bible Study resources to ministry leaders on the front lines of global ministry—anywhere, anytime. 

There’s a simple application to fill out in order to get approval for a free downloadable media membership. 

If you know a missionary or a ministry leader on the front lines, please tell them about this opportunity to get free access to resources from Life Bible Study. If you are already serving, thank you! Fill out the form below to be considered for our FREE program. 

Also, when you purchase any Bible Study or resource from Life Bible Study, you are actually helping us give away resources around the world. Thanks for helping us help people around the world! 

* Free for one year when ordered in first year of church plant