Meet Our Writers

Dr. Margie Williamson

Dr. Margie Williamson has served as a writer and editor, seminary professor, youth minister, an associational worker, and a minister’s wife. She completed her undergrad degree from the University of Georgia in Social Work, and her Masters of Arts and Ph.D. in Christian Education at the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. She began writing in 1982 and has written Bible study curriculum, devotions, Christian magazine articles, a training book for teachers of teenagers, academic articles, textbook chapters, and a dissertation. As an editor, she’s worked with Clarity Publishers, NavPress, and now Life Bible Study. Currently, she works as senior editor of the Life Bible Study curriculum. She’s taught teenagers and adults in Bible studies for years, but she’s particularly enjoying teaching a weekly senior adult Bible study. Margie’s husband is also in ministry, having served their current church for over 25 years. They are blessed with children and grandchildren who all love each other.

Roberta Watson

Roberta Watson has worked with Student Life Bible Study and Life Bible Study as a writer and editor since 2004. As a free-lance writer, she specializes in adult and youth Bible studies. She has served the local church in Sunday School, Discipleship, and Women’s Ministry as well as her state convention and local association as a conference speaker, trainer, and education director. She holds a Master of Arts in Christian Education from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, where she has served as an Adjunct Professor at the North Georgia campus. She and her husband, Todd, have two adult children. Katie is married to Travis, her high-school sweetheart, and teaches elementary school students. Will is exploring the culinary world and dreams of opening his own restaurant. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, knitting, and traveling.

Jenny Riddle

Jenny Riddle discovered a passion for teaching the Bible while studying for her Master of Divinity degree from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. When Hurricane Katrina floated her family to Alabama, she was able to work for several years as an editor for Bible study curriculum. After becoming a mother through adoption, Jenny transitioned to life as a full-time mom and part-time staff with Lifeline Children's Services, where she now plays a part in advocating for vulnerable and orphaned children worldwide. She currently lives in Alabama with her husband, Stephen, and their incredibly amazing son, Joshua. She enjoys sewing and constructing costumes and finding a great Paleo recipe.

Benjie Shaw

Benjie Shaw has a passion for missions, for people, and for the Bible. Benjie currently serves as the Campus Minister at the University of Tennessee Health-Science Center Baptist Collegiate Ministries and as President of Baptist Collegiate Ministries of Memphis. Benjie blogs at Benjie graduated from Georgia Southern University and the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary (M.Div.) He is married to Jenna (see above). They have one daughter, Ava.

Jenna Shaw

Jenna Shaw has a B.A in Communication from Georgia Southern University and a M.A. in Missiology from the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. She has been married for six years to Benjie Shaw, who also writes for Life Bible Study. She and Benjie have a beautiful daughter named Ava, who just started crawling. Jenna works from home with Ava, writing. She enjoys photography, running, and spending time with family.

Sean Bess

Sean Bess enjoys long books, long runs, and traveling abroad. He has taken three trips to Paris, and it's far and away his favorite city in the world. He studied creative writing at The University of Alabama at Birmingham and Biblical studies/general education at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. Sean and his wife, Sydney, live in Nashville, Tennessee. His creative and biblical thoughts can be found in online contributions for popular websites including, and

Alex Lewis

Self-proclaimed “English nerd” and newlywed, Alex Lewis, lives in Birmingham, Alabama with her husband, Will. She received her Master’s Degree in English from The University of Alabama at Birmingham in 2013, where she continues to work as a Composition Instructor. In addition to teaching at the university, she also teaches Sunday school. In the past, she has worked with middle school students, who she says taught her as much about loving the Lord as she attempted to teach them. Through her experience in this area of ministry, the Lord developed a passion within her to continue to work with students and young adults. Her desire in this ministry is to motivate individuals to find their identity in Christ, rather than the standards of the secular world. She recently began a Sunday school class for young women in their mid-late 20s who are transitioning from college life to the “real world”—a transformation she is in the process of attempting to figure out as well.