What is a Web License?

When you purchase a web license for one of our studies, your teachers have access to everything they need to lead the study: 

Bible Commentary 
Biblical Commentary provides you with all the background information you need to teach your group, including context, verse-by-verse interpretation, and the specific application of the passage.

Flexible Teaching Plans
Preferred delivery method (Master Teacher or Interactive Discussion) Age or life stage of their members (Adults – college to senior adult; Students – middle school to high school; Kids – toddlers to elementary age)

Family Devotion gives families the opportunity to study the biblical passage together and discuss how each member of the family might apply the truths from the lesson to his or her life.

Curriculum price is determined by the typical number of attendees, including teachers, taking part the your study.  Find the range of your “Average Group Attendance” for pricing of your desired study.

Each web curriculum license gives you access to a particular study for a defined amount of time. We offer full year studies and short-term studies.


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