Treasuring Christ is a comprehensive curriculum delivered online for preschool through high school that strengthens children and families by teaching them the gospel from Genesis to Revelation. Our vision is to spread the fame of God by equipping godly generations to treasure Christ through a Gospel-centered curriculum for the church, the home, and the nations.

The Treasuring Christ scope and sequence is focused on teaching children and students the narrative of the gospel as it unfolds from Genesis to Revelation. Having studied Treasuring Christ, your children and students should be able to:

  • Understand God created all things perfect and for His glory – Genesis 1:31
  • Understand mankind chose to trust themselves instead of trusting God – Genesis 3:1-13 
  • Understand God promised a deliverer who would crush the serpent, and one day restore creation to perfection – Genesis 3:15
  • Understand Jesus Christ was the promised deliverer who defeated Satan, and delivers mankind from bondage to sin – Hebrews 2:14-15

These four objectives are the broad or overarching objectives that will be taught every quarter of every year of the curriculum (52 Lessons Per Year). Starting with Toddlers ages 2 to 3, Preschool ages 4 to 5, Children ages 6 to 10, Middle School Students and High School Students.

Study Topics

How It Works

  • Purchase your selected Bible Study Teaching Materials (price is based upon the average group attendance).
  • As a new customer:  Wait to receive email with Login Instructions for the Bible Study Manager Site.  Bible Study Teaching Materials purchased are added to your account there upon creation.  To access the scheduled lessons, simply log on and create a new calendar.  Add Teachers to your account and assign them to the calendar of scheduled lessons for the class/age group that they are teaching.
  • As an existing customer:  Wait to an email from Life Bible Study informing you that the study you purchased has been added to your account on the Bible Study Manager Site.  To access the scheduled lessons simply log on and create a new calendar. 

Sample Information

Howie's Broken Hee-Haw


Howie has a broken Hee-Haw and it makes him MAD! No matter how much he practices, he can’t get it right. This new take on the story of Palm Sunday will delight children as they laugh through silly hee-haws, feel sad with Howie when he sees...

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Dachshund Through The Snow


The size of your stature is not the measure of your heart. For one tiny Dachshund, this was a mighty big lesson. Crosby was teeny. Even for a miniature dachshund. In fact, he was the teeniest dachshund in the whole town. But his small stature and big...

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Bedtime With Mommy


All around the world, it’s bedtime, and Mommies are tucking little ones into bed. From the elephants on the grasslands to the camels in the desert to the polar bears in the Arctic, it’s time for snuggles, prayers, and bedtime kisses. This...

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Tell the Story: Bible Storying for Kids


This Bible storying kit contains 40 Bible story sessions with 60 different activities, games, craft ideas and memory verse activities to help kids understand God's Word and apply it to their lives. Also included is a 5-session plan for mission...

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